What do we do with all those celebs? People’s Postcode Lottery, Nando’s and Miss Dior

Celebs are everywhere in adland these days – we blame the dear old internet and reality TV, which produces so-called celebs by the truckload – but how effective are they? Are they just a substitute for thought?

The People’s Postcode Lottery is an undeniable success, arguably with a surer common touch than the much bigger National Lottery.

Media agency the7stars’ creative unit Supernova (clever name) is in the chair and it’s rounded up a veritable gaggle for its latest set of ads, among them Davina McCall, Paddy McGuinness, Phil Spencer, Kirstie Allsopp and Jamie Redknapp.

Here’s one led by Fred Sirieix, who’s something to do with food (we think.)

Wonder how much each is paid? Hard to miss, so maybe they’re worth it.

New Commercial Arts is back for Nando’s, this time with Arsenal and England star Bukayo Sako creating a new hot sauce for the chicken chain.

Peter Crouch he isn’t but it just about hangs together. Could do with a gag.

Now for a bit of class from somebody who’s definitely worth it: Natalie Portman for Miss Dior and Publicis.

Complete tosh of course but so what? That’s parfums for you.

MAA creative scales: 6 for People’s Postcode and Nando’s – they’ll be watched, which is mostly the point. Saka needs more work but it took Lionel Messi about a thousand commercials before he got the knack of it. 7.5 for Ms Portman – she’s just has it all in spades. A proper celeb.

Doubt she’d be up for People’s Postcode or Nando’s though.


  1. If they are paying these so called celebrities it’s disgusting people don’t care weather they see celebrities it’s a nonsense. And the price is going up they should be putting the prices down not up if it goes up anymore I will be cancelling immediately.

  2. Surely it’s the people’s postcode lottery, why are they paying already well paid celebrities to advertise.

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