It’s phone lickin’ good: Gut’s ad for new owner, Globant

Technology consultant Globant is a long-term client of agency Gut, but this new ad is their first work together since the two became part of the same family in November.

“Taste ID” introduces a spoof new technology that allows users to order food on their phones using their tongues. A boardroom demo, followed by passing around the well-licked prototype, conjures up an amusingly disgusting scenario.

It’s part of the ongoing “Stuck in consultancy” campaign that mocks rival IT companies’ tendency to get carried away with technology and forget about consumers when they are developing new products.

Wanda Weigert, chief brand officer at Globant, said: “Brands tend to work with a lot of IT partners over the years, and even simultaneously. We consider Globant the only B2B2C digital solutions partner that differentiates from other legacy IT organizations by blending technology, creativity, and intuition to build delightful experiences.”

Matías Lafalla, CCO at Gut, said, “This campaign addresses one of the most critical topics in the tech industry: placing the consumer or user at the centre while crafting digital solutions. To tell this narrative, we opted to maintain the humorous and ironic tone that has already become a signature of this saga.”

Another humorous ad contender, this spot has some nice touches – and it certainly sticks in the mind.

MAA creative scale: 7

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