Former Publicis boss Jorg Riommi forms new agency

Former Publicis East Europe CCO Jorg Riommi is launching a new agency, Ain’t. Riommi was part of the team that worked on the much-awarded Burger King ‘Moldy Whopper’ campaign.

The new agency is based in Milan but plans to operate globally. Riommi has won over 300 international awards, including a rare D&AD Black Pencil.

Riommi says: “I’m proud, happy and excited to announce Ain’t. I’ve had the ambition of starting a new offering for a few years now, I believe now it’s the right time to set up new models and flexible ways of working – collaborating with talent and clients in a fluid way across the world. While we aim to embed what’s new into our process, the focus will always be on world-class bold human creativity, with AI a tool to help support.

“We are aiming for work that makes a real difference for brands and real people, addressing the need of many clients out there for a confident world-class creative product that comes with a more nimble and flexible global set-up, and without the heaviness of more traditional structures.”

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