Now LinkedIn is chasing Gen Z too

LinkedIn has become the go-to social network for more established professionals, so here’s a new in-house campaign going after people who are starting out in their careers. Gen Z are apparently the fastest-growing audience on the platform and 86% of them are open to new opportunities. The message is that LinkedIn helps them navigate the world of work and debunk office jargon.

VCCP is also working on the campaign and has created a “LinkedIn know-how to  go” coffee truck with a menu of items named after corporate jargon – ‘Blueberry Sky Thinking Muffin’ and ‘Chime-in Chai Latte’ – handed out free if you can guess what the names mean. Career experts will also be on hand with advice and  there’s a social campaign on LinkedIn, TikTok, and Meta.

Zara Easton, head of brand marketing UK at LinkedIn, said: “Starting out in your career can be daunting, and our research shows that as a generation that entered the world of work during the pandemic, Gen Z are looking for support in gaining the ‘know-how’ to navigate their careers, match their skills to jobs they want, and build a strong professional network they can turn to for advice.”

MAA creative scale: 5

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