Microsoft unveils its ‘AI for everyone’ Copilot at the Super Bowl

AI is all over the Super Bowl (Sunday) like a rash. Microsoft may not have been the first at the AI party but it seems determined to run off with the goodies, becoming a trillion dollar company in the process.

But what does AI do – and how can it help a people like us? Here’s the explanation: its Copilot ($30 a month) can help you do all those things you always wanted to – a bit like the iPhone proposition – and look what that led to.

From Panay Films, seven months in the making it seems.

Microsoft is calling it a “battle cry for the AI optimist.” not an alternative to intelligence but a way of enhancing it (if you have $30 a month and, currently, live in the US.)

Does a pretty good job of explaining and humanising it (or some of it.) May well sell bucket loads of Copilot subs too.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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