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Dove goes into bat for Brazilian women

Unilever’s Dove is still busily entering the purpose lists with a new campaign in Brazil targeting foreign tourists – sex tourists it seems.

#RealBrazilianWomen is primarily an Out of Home campaign by Dove’s creative agency Soko reminding tourists top treat local women with respect. The campaign follows an extensive survey among Brazilian women.

Marketing director Andreza Graner says:”The data perceived in the survey points to an alarming scenario that directly aligns with everything Dove has been building for decades. It is known that the stereotype of the Brazilian body is one considered ‘standard,’ and that this, in addition to affecting our self-esteem, results in the hyper-sexualization of Brazilian women worldwide.

“Our goal with the campaign is to propose a provocation for reflection on this objectification, especially in the summer and Carnival, as it is a time when women’s bodies are most exposed to societal pressures. This is how Dove seeks to contribute to the construction of a world where beauty ceases to be a source of anxiety and becomes an endless source of happiness and confidence.”

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