Can Havas help government meet ambitious early years promise?

The Government has promised every family 30 hours of free childcare from April – double the current amount – but there are nowhere near enough staff in the sector, so Havas London, which won this Department for Education account last year, is doing its best to help with recruitment.

A new campaign presents early years as a wholesome, rewarding career and uses the nifty line, “Do something big, work with small children.” The new £1000 golden handshake for first-time recruits isn’t mentioned, but that’s got to help too – although retention might be an issue.

Britt Iversen, executive head of strategy, Havas London, said: ‘’The work of Early Years Practitioners shouldn’t be underestimated – it’s a skilful and rewarding role. Our job is to show that for those who have the ability to connect with small children, a role in Early Years could be the rewarding, varied and brilliantly stimulating career they are looking for.”

The new childcare promise isn’t looking very realistic and funding/pay is a huge issue for nurseries, so this campaign can only do so much, but it does a good job of making it look like fun to work with toddlers.

MAA creative scale: 6


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