Lucky Generals hits early winner for Labour as General Election campaign creaks into gear

Are we going to have a down and dirty General Election campaign in the UK? The Election is likely in the autumn and Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives are miles behind in the polls, which usually means a lot of desperate smears to come.

Strong favourite Labour is getting its retaliation in first with a pertinent effort from Lucky Generals, pointing out that the Tories’ recent National Insurance cut still leaves us worse off as taxes are sky high.

Looks like the Generals have got the Election gig for Labour although political parties in elections are constantly wooed by a gaggle of agencies, keen to get a foot in the door for fame and, maybe, more business if they back the winner. Back in the day Mrs Thatcher put Saatchi & Saatchi on the map.

No word of the Tory choice this time yet although it usually ends up being M&C Saatchi. Even they might baulk at this challenge. As for the Lib Dems they haven’t got any money and leader Sir Ed Davey has become even more of a liability as he was the coalition government’s minister in charge (or not, as he didn’t do anything useful) of the Post Office scandal.

The challenge for the Generals is to, somehow, make leader Sir Keir Starmer interesting (and he has Post Office problems on his own as the Crown Prosecution Service, which he headed, pursued some of the postmasters.) The agency also bring Labour policies to life. Tricky as, so far, they don’t seem to have any apart from following Tory tight budgeting.

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