Let’s have period sex. Kotex seduces with Valentine’s Day chocolates

Kimberly-Clark’s U by Kotex is on a mission to normalise periods, which seems to have become the raison d’être of most menstrual product brands since AMV and Bodyform opened the floodgates with “Blood Normal” in 2017. It’s laudable of course, and at the same time it’s a good excuse to employ some shock tactics that will get attention.

For Valentine’s Day, U by Kotex has launched a heart-shaped box of chocolates that contains a dose of aphrodisiac to help get things going. Available in the US to over-18s only, they cost $35 and were developed by a New York agency called Quality Meats.


Don’t let a ? cramp your V-Day plans. Link in bio. normalizeperiods

? original sound – U by Kotex® US – U by Kotex® US

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