Idris Elba’s SillyFace debuts with anti-knife crime campaign

Idris Elba’s new agency SillyFace, a joint venture with Marc Boyan’s Miroma Group, is making its debut with a campaign urging the government to do more to fight knife crime, headed by an activation in London’s Parliament Square with the actual clothes worn by a number of victims.

The campaign, for Elba’s Don’t Stop Your Future foundation, urges the Government to prioritise legislation that will ban zombie knives and machetes. It also includes social media and posters donated by media owners including Clear Channel, City Outdoor Media and Alight Media.

Elba says: “I can’t stay silent as more young lives are lost to these brutal and heartless crimes. Parliament has repeatedly not given this issue the focus it deserves, and our political leaders need to prioritise it now.

“As well as an immediate ban on zombie knives and machetes, we need to give young people more of a reason not to carry a weapon in the first place. That means investing in the services that address the root causes of violent crime.”

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