Cadbury celebrates 200 years with VCCP and the Great British public

Founded in Birmingham on 4th March 1824, Cadbury is marking a milestone anniversary by putting a twist on its “Mum’s birthday” commercial, taking the little girl and her makeshift currency through the full 200 years of Cadbury’s history.

Director Frederic Planchon came back to help rework the original film, reuniting the cast, recruiting some body doubles and employing some nifty post-production to help achieve the right end result – even though the little girl is now five years older.

OOH will display nostalgic family photos submitted by Cadbury customers that show them enjoying chocolate fingers and buttons, easter eggs and Dairy Milk bars through the ages. There will be limited edition packaging using designs from the past couple of centuries, and a well-judged tie-up with Alzheimer’s charities.

Elise Burditt, senior marketing director at Cadbury, said: “It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to celebrate a 200th anniversary! But for us this is so much more than that – it’s celebrating 200 years of being part of the lives of the British public and recognising that we wouldn’t be here today without them. We want to demonstrate that the values upon which Cadbury was founded in Birmingham 200 years ago still ring true today with people, and with a generous spirit at the heart of everything we do.”

Chris Birch and Jonny Parker, ECDs at VCCP London, said: “Crikey. 200 years old. That only happens when you have the relationship with the British public that Cadbury has. This work celebrates every Christmas morning Selection Box, every school trouser pocket Curly Wurly, every drippy Flake 99, every Dairy Milk on the sofa and everyone in Britain who’s gleefully munched them down since 1824. Happy Birthday Cadbury.”

As with all VCCP’s work for Cadbury, it’s a warm-hearted campaign that doesn’t need to shout too loud to make an impact.

MAA creative scale: 7.5

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