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TikTok aims for different image in Lucky Generals debut

Those of us who thought TikTok was primarily about Korean singing cats are in for a spot of re-education in Lucky Generals’ first campaign for the all-conquering Chinese social media site.

The Yorkshire Tea agency seems to return to its favourite county with a tale of ordinary folk changing their lives via TikTok – ‘It Starts on TikTok.’

So in the multi-media campaign there’s Russ aka @hardestgeezer, currently running the length of Africa for charity on TikTok, and Nik aka @madewithmudpottery, a potter who makes ‘dignity mugs’ for people with special needs among the TikTok creators featured. No mention of data-gathering as far as we can see, it’s all very wholesome.

Head of marketing Harry Wilson says: “TikTok is a place to be inspired and discover new things. Every day, our community prove that a dose of inspiration can go a long way. It Starts on TikTok is about celebrating the extraordinary moments that spark when communities come together.

“We hope this campaign inspires people to discover a new hobby, search for that recipe or even turn their passion into a career. We have loved bringing It Starts on TikTok to life with Lucky Generals.”

TikTok as ‘Last of the Summer Wine,’ now there’s a thing. But Lucky Generals just about pulls it off.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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