Skyn reveals the secrets of a Japanese blind date – no condom required

Here’s a different spin on Christmas ads – apparently in Japan it’s more of a romantic interlude, a precursor to Valentine’s Day.

So condom brand Skyn and agency UltraSuperNew Tokyo are delving into Japanese dating habits (not mating, yet) in Real Blind Date with Hannah, 23 and You, 20 matched together for a day – with blindfolds.

Before this he liked girls in libraries, she was into older men.

MAM Lifestyle’s Annie Hou says: “For this campaign we needed to emphasize the true essence of what makes SKYN special; the softness. We believe couples attract each other not only on a superficial level, but more so on a deeper level.

“The glue that really keeps the two closer and together are kindness and thoughtfulness they share with each other, in other words, “the softer sides”. We were excited when we witnessed the two strangers come closer, when those qualities were shown from both sides through this experiment.”

Very accomplished, charming too.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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  1. Skyn’s creative ad campaign, exploring the nuances of Japanese blind dating culture, is an intriguing blend of romance and social exploration. With a unique angle on Christmas ads, this initiative delves into the softer sides of relationships, highlighting kindness and thoughtfulness. It’s refreshing to see such an innovative approach to advertising, combining cultural insights with a gentle touch. #CreativeAd #CulturalInsight

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