Penny doubles down on purpose at Christmas with ‘The Kids’

German supermarket chain Penny has won many plaudits for its holiday ads over the years and, as events on the world stage turn even more gruesome this Christmas, its annual effort from agency Serviceplan hits the nail firmly on the head once again.

Many adults will view their children’s future with a degree of trepidation even as they’re showering them with presents in the more fortunate parts of the world but ‘The Kids’ puts children and teenagers centre stage as they have their say – and they don’t like it.

Penny is a long-time supporter of youth organisations.

Penny COO Stefan Görgens says: “Children are our future This makes it all the more important to listen to them and see the world through their eyes. Through our ‘Förderpenny’ initiative, we have been able to see firsthand for years what they are missing and what they want. We would like to use our reach to provide a stage for this.”

Produced by Akkurat Studios and directed by Gregory Ohrel.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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