Enough with AI (artificial intimacy) says Brazilian retailer at Christmas

It’s a familiar plea – “put your phones down” – but Brazilian retailer O Boticário takes it to a new level with a full-on, heartfelt Christmas ad about real life connections and staying present in the moment.

O Boticário is a skincare and cosmetics giant that has become the “John Lewis” of Brazil in terms of its Christmas advertising. This year’s effort is set to the tune “I’ll be there” by the Jackson 5, an ear worm that will help make the advert stick.

AlmapBBDO’s executive creative directors Rafael Gil and Rodrigo Almeida said: “We’re physically close, but emotionally distant. And there’s no better time of year to talk about the issue than Christmas, which is when everyone wants to be close – but actually close – to their loved ones.”

Boticário communications director Bruna Buás said: “We understand the responsibility that comes with representing one of the biggest retailers in the country. We know we’re not only here to spread awareness, but also to start conversations and change behaviors. That’s why we chose to propose that the best present you can give this Christmas is to be present, in the moment, with your heart and mind, no distractions, with your undivided attention, making great memories.”

This film stays the right side of cheesy, and is very watchable. Will UK retailers revert to this more traditional approach to festive advertising next Christmas?

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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