St Luke’s brings human dimension to Christmas for Heathrow

Heathrow usually enters the lists at Christmas – not entirely sure why although I guess you can choose an airport (avoid Gatwick seems to be the smart move.)

So St Luke’s has produced three rather charming films showing the good things (and memories) that can happen at the airport.

Heathrow’s Meenal Varsani says: “Travelling during the festive season imbues a special meaning to the journey: the people you travel to see, and travel with. In our new campaign ‘On this day’ different traveller memories are celebrated as new experiences and memories are made.”

St Luke’s joint CCO Rich Denney says: “The airport is a special place that can trigger memories for many of us as we set off on new adventures. The departure halls also signal the start of a journey, and so it’s fitting that the characters in these films are on their way towards new beginnings at the most wonderful time of the year.”

Another series of ads in search of that suddenly fashionable feelgood factor but, this time, mercifully without a Santa in sight.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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