Seasonal oddments: Hilton, Rockshore and Greater Anglia

Christmas for clients is like walking through duty free at an airport, a seasoned observer of such things told me, you lose all sense of money – you’re there in this parallel universe so you just spend it.

First up isn’t a Christmas ad, it’s from Hilton to plug its hotels around the recent Las Vegas Grand Prix (which seems to have gone OK after the stickiest of starts – David Beckham was there so it must have been all right.) But it’s kind of seasonal.

From Dentsu Creative, featuring racing driver Lando Norris. It’s his birthday.

‘A’ for effort anyway.

Then Diageo’s Rockshore (lager and cider) from M&C Saatchi, featuring Ronan Keating and someone else who I thought was another former boy-bander but he’s supposed to be the producer.

Just as weird in its own way.

Now Greater Anglia railways which, I assume, is actually running some trains at Christmas (although most UK rail companies seem not to.) The pink rabbit is actually a hare it seems. From London agency Atomic.

Greater Anglia's The Wonder of Christmas from Atomic London on Vimeo.

Hilton I get although it’s stretching credulity way too far – Lando would surely be chucked out. But the others?

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