Mars recycles old ads in the name of sustainability

Confectioners love to withdraw and bring back old products in order to create a buzz around them. Mars has gone a step further by bringing back old ads for some of its most popular products including, in the UK, Twix, M&Ms and Bounty.

To push awareness of its new Mars Net Zero Roadmap, the campaign gives the ads a second life by throwing in an added sustainability message.

Kerry Cavanaugh, Business Unit Director, Mars Wrigley UK said: “The Healthy Planet Productions campaign is a real, tangible example of how we’re bringing our Net Zero Roadmap to life across all areas of the business. It’s an exciting step forward, which not only brings fan-favourite ads back to our screens but also hopes to inspire, engage and galvanize the public around climate action.”

The work was done with production company Blinkink and consultantcy Revolt London, working with ads by BBDO New York, plus the old Bounty one by DMB&B, which became part of Leo Burnett back in 1999.

With no travel, filming or production impact, using old footage reduces emissions right down. But is the multinational really going to put its money where its mouth is and stop making new ads for its big brands? Seems unlikely.

MAA creative scale: 3

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