Is Burger King’s satirical Christmas epic from BBH a hit or a miss?

Burger King has won ad plaudits for years, basically by subverting the supposedly wholesome virtues of rival McDonald’s.

Here it is being avowedly different again with a Christmas offering from BBH giving us seven minutes of directions to various ‘drive-thrus’ to escape from congested Christmas traffic. To a satirical version of Chris Rea’s Driving Home for Christmas.

Burger King’s Soco Núñez de Cela says: “It’s hard for brands to stand out at Christmas. So instead of trying to out-Christmas anyone, we decided to hijack it. We had a lot of fun with arguably the biggest Whopper of the season and creating a tune that will be in our heads and hopefully everyone else’s throughout the season.”

Here’s a poster that rather speaks for itself.

There’s also a local radio campaign in all the (many) destinations listed.

Genius or too clever by half (and too long, although that’s partly the point)? BBH is certainly pulling out all the stops under new CCO Alex Grieve.

MAA creative scale. 4 or 7.5 (see if it becomes an ear-worm.)

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