Coca-Cola overdoses on Xmas Santas

“The world needs more Santas” Coca-Cola is telling us in its latest Christmas extravaganza, and when you look around at even more than usual global mayhem it’s pretty difficult to disagree.

OpenX, the WPP construct headed by VMLY&R (about to be VML – don’t ask) has packed as many of the old geezers in this as it realistically can, all being kind to each other naturally.

There seem to be more Santas than ever in ads this year – must be that elusive rosy-cheeked feelgood factor they’re all aiming for.

Never quite understood Coke and Christmas, do we buy more of the stuff, it’s not very Christmassy after all? This time around its fabled, presumably high-emitting giant trucks make only a fleeting appearance – can’t think why.

Think I preferred the trucks. But if you’ve gotta do something different…

MAA creative scale: 5.

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