Apple crafts a Christmas epic from small kindnesses

Apple usually goes big at Christmas, even when, as here, it’s hymning small acts of kindness.

So we have a stop-motion artist mending relationships with her, at first, unfeeling boss.

Shot in London by the looks of it by TBWA\Media Arts Lab and Emmy-winning director Lucia Aniello with Swedish stop-motion animator/director Anna Mantzaris.

Apple creative supremo Tor Myhren says: “At Apple, we believe that creative people with passion can change the world in big ways and small. The hero of this film does just that by using our tools (it’s a product demo too, of course) to help mend a broken relationship. The action is very small, kind and human. And hopefully something we can all relate to.”

Clever to use a George Harrison track when the Fab Four are at the top of the charts again (although it seems John and Paul rejected it.)

MAA creative scale: 8.5.

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