NCA rebrands Nationwide as the customer-friendly bank

Dominic West's yuppie gives campaign star appeal

It’s a while since we’ve seen an obnoxious yuppie in an ad (they usually play well – did a great job for Audi via BBH back in the day) and here’s a rather senior version, played by Dominic West no less, as a key part of Nationwide’s rebrand through New Commercial Arts.

He’s a bigwig at A, N. Other bank busily closing branches while he roams his vast top floor office.

The point being that even the new shiny Nationwide – a mutual – isn’t shutting shops because its customers don’t want it to. A bank (or indeed any big British company these days) actually listening to its customers? Surely not – preposterous notion.

New Commercial Arts is at its best when it has a broad canvas to work on and ads are a key part of the commercial strategy.

This is its best yet. (Now let’s see what it can do for Sainsbury’s.)

MAA creative scale: 8.5.

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