Marmite invites virgin customers to ‘get it on’

A new Marmite brief at adam&eveDDB must be sought after – here’s a chance to add to the brand’s impressive pile of awards.

The priority, of course, is the client’s data-driven marketing intention (mustn’t forget that) and here it’s based on YouGov research that says 43% of 18-24s have never tried the stuff. Makes a change from inquiring about people’s voting intentions anyway.

So it’s aimed at “first timers” with the aid of two “filthy-minded” puppets (pushing it a bit.)

Marmite brand manager Laura Iliffe says: “Marmite is a brand that is embedded in UK culture, and so many of us have grown up with it. We pride ourselves on sparking debate and strong opinions and most consumers are either lovers or haters. However, when we saw the number of young adults who had never even tried it, we knew we had to do something to dare them to take the plunge and try our special spread.

“This campaign represents a step-change in the way we advertise Marmite – with a clear focus on driving trial and penetration. We want to recruit our next generation of lovers, and show young adults how to approach their first time with Marmite.”

Job done.

The end line ‘Love it. Hate it. Get it on.’ is a good one.

Awards? Needs to be filthier.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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