MAA Ad of the Week: Robert de Niro for Uber Eats by Mother London

Robert de Niro strikes up an unlikely and rather awkward friendship with Sex Education star Asa Butterfield in Mother’s new ad for the Uber One membership.

What do the two actors have in common? They like eating food and going places, which doesn’t make them any different from most people. So the ad shows them going about their very mundane lives, eating food and taking an Uber to the shops or the park.

It’s almost painful in its banality, but the performances make it a gripping watch – even at three and a half minutes long – and the production quality is so good that the Hollywood legend and his friend look right at home.

Most importantly, Uber is right at the heart of it; the presence of de Niro enhances rather than overshadows the branding. Details of Uber One benefits will presumably be communicated via the digital campaign.

It’s been a strong week this week with W+K’s new Heinz campaign a close contender for Ad of the Week. Hopefully this bodes well for the Christmas ad season which will soon be underway.

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