Heinz recalls better days as Wieden+Kennedy crafts a real story

Wieden+Kennedy London seems to be rediscovering its form – definitely a good thing – after a number of management upheavals and departures.

Heinz is one of those big PE-backed global clients that, in turn, is rediscovering the benefits of working with good creative agencies rather than being beguiled by the “digital transformation” gang (Burger King has long been another.) The PE pack seem to think they can run their business better than a big agency group, what an absurd notion..

So here we are, with a demonstration that even the best-laid holiday plans can go awry once one submits to the tender mercies of airlines and airports.

FMCG advertising like wot it used to be (at its best?)

Bit early to say. Let’s see what comes next.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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