Just Eat goes upscale with new pop duo

If anyone doubts the necessity of traditional advertising to build brands they should maybe have a look at the various food delivery services who keep providing agencies with much-needed dollars even while they’re losing shedloads themselves. One such, Deliveroo, lost £245m last year but it’s back on the UK airwaves now. It wouldn’t do this if there was a better, cheaper, faster way, as digital converts espouse.

Just Eat is another and it’s gone the route of (highly expensive) musical types to get the message across: most notably Snoop Dog and also Katy Perry (who’s becoming a bit of an ad queen.) Its latest big campaign from McCann features a fairly unlikely duo of Christina Aguilera and hip-hopper Latto, togged out in opera mode with a cast of thousands.

The point being that just Eat does posh food too.

Just Eat global brand boss Susan O’Brien says: “Snoop Dogg helped us to emotionally connect with audiences and boosted our cultural currency, while working with Katy Perry famously supporting the brand platform ‘Did Somebody Say’ cemented Just Eat’s role as the answer to all food cravings.

“As our business evolves to offer more choice and convenience from your favourite local takeaway to dine-in dishes and everyday essentials, it’s only right that we evolve our successful creative formula. The electrifying mix of Christina Aguilera and Latto is not only unexpected, but it reinforces the message that you’ll be amazed at the selection and quality available on Just Eat.”

Fair enough, there’ll be scooters queueing outside the River Cafe any day soon.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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