German Doner Kebab lines up top agencies as it takes on burger giants

German Doner Kebab is an interesting addition to the UK high street’s fast food fight; why German you think as you notice its (hard not to) garish orange and black livery. Is it because Germany has lots of Middle East immigrants? The business was founded in Berlin although it’s now owned by a Glasgow company in the UK.

Anyway it’s looking for an agency and has lined up Atomic (which gets on some good lists these days), Lucky Generals and Uncommon Creative Studio. GDK seems to be competing with Burger King with whopper packages including a rather unlikely Krunch version including a layer of Doritos. And they’re cheaper.

Another one to please your GP.

GDK’s UK boss is Simon Wallis, formerly at Domino’s which has somehow or other won the pizza wars so he clearly knows the market.

Memo to the pitching agencies: ignore the German in GDK, just don’t go there.

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