Domino’s drops the pretence: nobody really likes to share pizza

Slow motion action shots and an operatic soundtrack bring a new twist to the “Domin-oh-hoo-hoo” campaign, as VCCP exposes the fraud of sharing by dramatising the fierce competition inspired by a pizza delivery.

Friends and families fight each other to get to the door first and grab the Domino’s for themselves.

Harry Dromey, director of marketing at Domino’s said: “To stay ahead of the competition, we need to invest in high impact creative, the key to which is having an interesting idea based on a strong consumer insight and brand proposition.”

David Masterman, deputy ECD at VCCP added: “The joy of sharing is a lie, and deep down we don’t want to do it – when the doorbell rings we just want to grab that Domino’s box and keep it all to ourselves. Creating a film that ramps up the tension and drama of that moment with beautiful slow motion scenes capturing the victors and the vanquished. Lots of brands claim to bring families together, we thought we’d celebrate how we do the reverse.”

It’s all very over-the-top and makes a refreshing change of tone for Domino’s, while reaping the benefits of a long-running campaign.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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