BETC provides feast of AI for LADAPT

But there's a catch if you're disabled

LADAPT, which works to get people with disabilities into employment, has teamed with BETC Paris for a new campaign anticipating European Disability Employment Week at the end of November.

So we have a striking film (using AI of course) showing the wonders of modern technology now and in the future including inhabiting other planets and bringing back hairy mammoths. But, of course, there’s a catch if you’re disabled.

If you are things don’t look quite so whizzy and beautiful.

A veritable tour de force from AI Studio of General Pop (Prose on Pixels) directed by prompt artist and music video director Jamie Harley. But what you remember most is the disabled guy, who provides the V/O too.

Beautifully balanced.

MAA creative scale; 8.5.

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