Science and emotion combine in Anomaly’s campaign for Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK wants us to hear some good news about its work, so Anomaly’s new campaign focuses on the positive impact the charity is having on people’s lives.

The campaign is part of a “brand refresh” that moves the strapline from “Together we will beat cancer” to “Together we are beating cancer,” putting the emphasis on progress rather than cure.

Philip Almond, executive director of marketing, fundraising and engagement at Cancer Research UK (previously CMO at the BBC) said: “Cancer survival in the UK has doubled in the last 50 years and we’ve been at the heart of that progress. Refreshing our brand gives us the opportunity to get better cut through in a competitive fundraising environment and demonstrate the human impact of our vital work. Supporting Cancer Research UK is being part of the solution.”

Joe Corcoran, ECD of Anomaly London said: “We’re putting research back at the heart of Cancer Research UK’s messaging. Every discovery is a cure for a sister, a kinder treatment for a father, more time for a family. The trajectory of progress Cancer Research UK is making is optimistic, and we want to reflect that.”

The public is being invited to support the campaign by posting pictures of special moments on the charity’s website and share them on social media with the hashtag #MoreMoments.

Design Bridge has also refreshed Cancer Research UK’s visual identity and tone of voice to make it more “engaging, distinctive, brave and unifying for all its audience.”

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