Olivia Colman’s stolen happy ending for Alzheimer’s Research UK

The impact of Alzheimer’s is a difficult story to tell but this spot from Above + Beyond, made in the style of a Disney princess film with a voiceover from Olivia Colman, does it very well.

After getting the girl, the prince descends into a world of dementia that robs the princess of her happy ending, poignantly demonstrating how Alzheimer’s robs you of your personality.

Awareness of the effects of dementia are still limited, according to a survey by Alzheimer’s Research UK. Less than half of people even knew that it causes memory loss and 22% had no idea how the disease impacts people.

Colman said: “The work Alzheimer’s Research UK does is so important, and I was proud to lend my voice to this campaign – it lays bare the realities of dementia in such a powerful and thought-provoking way. Dementia destroys people’s ‘happily ever afters’, and we must do everything we can to end the pain and distress it causes.”

Dom Goldman, CCO at Above+Beyond, said: “We very much hope this poignant film will inspire the nation and support Alzheimer’s Research UK in their quest to find a cure – something we will all desperately need.”

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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