Ant & Dec hand out homework to get kids talking for ITV

It’s world mental health day on 10th October and we know that young people’s anxiety levels are increasing, so for this year’s “Britain Get Talking” campaign, Uncommon is handing out homework to kids and their carers. There are two films – one featuring schoolchildren and the other featuring those two big kids, Ant and Dec, who are looking decidedly adult these days.

The core idea takes the form of a homework book that should make it easier for kids to start meaningful conversations with adults. The book contains tasks and comes with supporting advice for parents.

Lucy Jameson, co-founder of Uncommon Creative Studio, said: “There’s a natural inclination for parents to want to shield their children from bad news or scary headlines, but we know that children are already discussing — and worrying about — these issues with their peers. Whether it’s the cost of living, the pressures of social media, or the threat of climate change, it can be challenging for children — and their parents — to share their feelings with one another, which is why this campaign and the homework ‘task’ is so important.”

Uncommon and ITV have done their homework on this. The campaign has been created with help from charities Mind, YoungMinds and the Scottish Association for Mental Health, while the questions in the booklet have been compiled by a psychologist with help from teachers.

Susie Braun, director of social purpose at ITV said: “ITV’s ‘Britain Get Talking’ campaign has led to over 100 million new or meaningful conversations since launch, but mental health having declined in almost 40% of British school children is a staunchly sobering statistic.

“This year, we’re continuing to focus on young people, as simply asking a child what’s on their mind can be key to them opening up and easing their worries. And this is homework for the adults too, so kids can finally get their own back.”

On World Mental Health Day ITV will also run dedicated programming, including a special edition of the Martin Lewis Money Show Live, as well as a Tonight show investigating children’s mental health and the importance of talking together as a family.

MAA creative scale: 7

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