Raheem Sterling forms new production company Playmaker Films

Chelsea and England forward Raheem Sterling – a regular in front of the camera with his work for Gillette and others – has set up a new production company/agency Playmaker Films with director Carly Cussen.

The two have already collaborated on Clarks’ ‘Back to School’ campaign.

Also involved are Royston Reeves, former head of strategy at JOE Media, and international producer Kem Ekundayo.

Sterling says: “Part of the day job involves a lot of time on sets at video shoots for brands. Over time I was more and more interested in what was going on behind the camera. I’d worked with Carly on a number of projects, for brands like Gillette and Samsung, and I started to ask her questions about different aspects of the process. When it came to starting my own production company, she was the obvious choice.

“We’ve got some great projects lined up, with some amazing brands and talent, including Clarks ‘Back To School’ campaign which was a lot of fun to create and shoot. I can’t wait for the world to see what we’ve got up our sleeves.”

Cussen says: “I knew Raheem was a natural performer on the pitch, but I didn’t know that he also had the talent in front of the camera as well! I loved working with him, and when he started to pop up behind the scenes as well, I knew he had a future on the other side of the camera.

“Playmaker Films is a truly collaborative endeavour between myself and Raheem, as well as the amazing people that perhaps don’t get a mention in the headlines. There’s a real buzz about the place, what we are trying to do and we have some exciting projects in the pipeline.”

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