Le Pub and Barilla’s ‘recipe for togetherness’ is nothing new

A new global ad from Le Pub starts with a TV broadcasting to an empty living room, an abandoned games console, and an unanswered phone. Then we pan to a group of people talking and laughing around a table as they enjoy a pasta dinner together.

It’s an all-too familiar message – mealtimes are more fun without the distractions of tech – and it doesn’t need Barilla’s stats about connection and happiness to back it up.

Ilaria Lodigiani, CMO at Barilla, said: “As a brand, we feel strongly that food brings people together and have made it our mission to promote pasta as a sign of love to share. We hope that this campaign can empower people to be more present by challenging themselves to be inventive in the kitchen and create memorable moments that facilitate togetherness.”

Bruno Bertelli global CEO Le Pub, global CCO Publicis Worldwide & CCO Publicis Groupe Italy, said: “Italian’s ritual of eating together around a table stems from our culture. Tables become a space to share opinions, open conversations, socialize and connect, and it’s an important way of honouring not only the food but also the togetherness.”

It’s nicely directed by Xavier Mairesse and stays just the right side of sentimental. Barilla can probably get away with this generic messaging thanks to its pervasive familiarity.

MAA creative scale: 6

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