Forget the kids: Easyjet’s new ‘dads club’ could put the brand on the naughty step

EasyJet has pulled off a summer stunt by introducing a “dads club” where fathers can give their families a break from their cringeworthy activities and take themselves off for dad dancing lessons, frisbee practice, air guitar tuition, or a joke workshop.

A promotional video by Taylor Herring starring comedian Omid Djalili draws attention to the “safe space for dads” which is only available for two days at a single hotel on the Costa del Sol.

EasyJet’s study of 1,000 British teenagers found that they are embarrassed by their dads complaining loudly, causing frisbee accidents, being greedy at the buffet, making bad fashion choices… the list goes on. Meanwhile, 53% of dads apparently think they are “cool.”

Djalili is quoted as saying, “It’s a rite of passage for us Dads to embarrass our kids. It comes with the job. So I’m very proud to have teamed up with easyJet Holidays to unveil a new club just for Dads. A safe space to learn how to throw a frisbee, dance without pulling a muscle and crafting brilliant jokes for the 21st century.”

While it’s done with affection, this stunt takes a stereotypical view of men that feels old-fashioned, tired and insulting.

MAA creative scale: 1

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