AXA and Fallon find an optimistic way to talk about insurance

A new campaign by Fallon sells insurance with the very cheerful line, “Future you will thank you.”

It shows a man happily batting off any misfortunes that beset him, feeling just a little bit smug that he planned ahead and took out AXA insurance. Every scenario features past and future versions of him, and the whole thing ends in a group hug.

There’s also a partnership with Channel 4 brokered by Starcom that features some of the channel’s personalities, whose future selves thank their past selves for making some smart choices early on in their careers. The spots will be shown in the programmes relevant to the personalities who include George Clarke, Scarlette Douglas and Jason Fox.

Barney Bailey, brand & sponsorship director at AXA UK, said: “We used every tool in our arsenal to cut through in a competitive category by sweating our brand cues: from a creative idea that has a pure product and consumer insight at its heart, to a production technique that delivers standout and a media strategy that extends the idea beyond the traditional formats.”

Graham Lakeland, creative director at Fallon UK, said: “We wanted to create a fun creative platform for AXA UK that punches above its weight and makes you smile.”

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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