Rihanna prowls NYC at night with a stack of £2k bags for Louis Vuitton

What’s the point appointing Pharrell Williams as your creative director if he doesn’t get his pop star pals to advertise the brand?

Rihanna is Williams’ first muse since he took over at Louis Vuitton, and in this ad she does very little apart from ooze outrageous glamour as she carries an oversized collection of brightly coloured LV “Speedy” bags around NYC. To be fair, that’s all Rihanna needs to do in order to imbue an already famous luxury product with an even greater cachet.

Louis Vuitton is claiming that both the Speedy and Rihanna herself are “everyday icons” but the colourful new edition of the bags (launched in 1930) is already sold out. Even if you could find one, the price tag starts at £2000, rising to $1m if you prefer yours made of crocodile skin.

Just as well this ad is make-believe. Even the mighty Rihanna would surely get those bags nicked right away.

MAA creative scale: 6

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