Hans Brinker hotels relish the seedy side of Amsterdam in first campaign from DDB

Back in the 90s, Amsterdam’s Hans Brinker hotel was famous for ads in which it proudly declared itself to be the “worst hotel in the world”. Thanks to agency KesselsKramer, the campaign won plenty of Cannes Lions and Effies.

In 2023 they have a new agency – DDB Amsterdam – and a new positioning.

From now on, Hans Brinker wants to be “infamous” rather than “famous,” and the agency, working alongside 180 Amsterdam, has created a campaign to that effect. The hotels look just as bad, but now the onus is on the loser guests rather than the lousy rooms.

Hans Brinker’s new campaign will move from traditional to digital media, with a focus on constantly updating stories around the hotel guests.

Marie-Louise Henny, co-owner and director of Hans Brinker, said: “We developed a new logo that fits the city of Amsterdam, upgraded the website and also new design in and around Hans Brinker, think soap dispensers, door hangers, bicycles and merchandise. Meanwhile we are also developing the new restaurant that will open on 1st October that will be done in the Hans Brinker way: boldly.”

Niels Bredemeijer, creative director at DDB Amsterdam, said: “Hans Brinker is every agency’s dream to work for. They have the balls to take the brand further and the ambition to make it even bigger. The new positioning, ‘The Infamous,’ is about a reputation created by the extraordinary, incredible and exceptional stories of Hans Brinker’s guests.”

Amsterdam is trying to cut down on tourism, so advertising a hotel in the city can’t be easy.

Authorities have just banned cruise ships from docking and spilling out tourists, and recently the city conspired to show warning videos describing the consequences of excessive alcohol and drug taking to any Brits searching on terms like “stag party” or “cheap hotel” in Amsterdam.

Hans Brinker could be doing the job for them rather nicely.

MAA creative scale: 6

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