You’ll never march alone: Pride in London doubles down on trans allyship

The LGBTQIA+ community still has plenty of hurdles to overcome, but this year, in the light of transphobic backlashes around the world, Pride in London has chosen to focus on trans allyship in a new campaign by TMW Unlimited.

You might say it’s easy for an organisation like Pride to get it right, but in the current climate that’s not necessarily the case.

Where Bud Light dipped its toe in the water and still managed to drown, Pride London has plunged in with a campaign that cleverly ignores all the politics and culture wars, and instead projects a positive image of trans people getting on with their lives, contributing to society and having a good time while they’re at it.

Bud Light made the mistake of blithely piggybacking on Dylan Mulvaney’s audience and forgetting that social media’s influence has a habit of escalating. When Bud Light’s core customers came up against Mulvaney’s trans (and trans allied) followers, all hell broke loose – and Bud’s paper-thin commitment was exposed.

In the fallout, plenty of brands are avoiding Pride this year. They used to be accused of jumping on the bandwagon, but now they are found guilty of caving in to the anti-woke (read transphobic) brigade, who have been empowered to denounce any brand that shows trans allyship.

We’ve learnt at Cannes that purpose is falling out of fashion and humour is on the up. This provides a convenient get out clause for brands whose purpose was always a bit of a sham, but in reality, purposeful marketing doesn’t have to be dour, as this campaign shows.

Tim Noblett, director of marketing at Pride in London said, “Given the appalling treatment of our trans and non-binary siblings by politicians and the media, it was clear that this year’s campaign had to focus on emphasising the support of the LGBTQIA+ community. Talented, collaborative, proudly and defiantly queer, the group of people who have created this campaign encapsulate everything that Pride should be about. We hope that it can play a small role in bringing about a change that this country urgently needs.”

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