Specsavers’ letter scramble idents are a Countdown winner

Agencies might lament the demise of the 60-second ad, but you can do a lot with even just five seconds, as these Specsavers idents demonstrate.

It starts with a good match – Specsavers and Countdown – and is cleverly built around a scenario that is familiar to both Countdown viewers and Specsavers customers. The idents show a customer taking an eye test at home; instead of reading out what’s on the board, they create whole words out of the letters.

Victoria Clarke, Specsavers’ marketing services director, said: “In true Specsavers style, the creatives bring a light-hearted and humorous approach to the sponsorship, quite literally bringing the TV show into people’s homes and illustrating their love of Countdown.”

Richard James, creative director at The Agency, Specsavers, said: “Our Home Visits service is very important to us and the link with Countdown felt like a great opportunity to produce some witty, relevant creative that works seamlessly with the programme.”

The fact that they have a bank of 30 idents shows it’s an idea that works, and it helps that they are promoting home visits for people with mobility issues, which seem like a good thing.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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