Martin and Roman Kemp show how it’s done for Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels is so deeply rooted in Tennessee culture and the southern states of America, that at first glance it seems an odd choice to get two well-known cockney geezers – Martin and Roman Kemp – on board.

But agency Iris has got the best out of the Spandau Ballet bassist-turned-actor and his radio presenter son, so that the social media campaign is a joy to watch. It’s a Father’s Day initiative called “Deepen the bond” in which Jack Daniels is handing out cards containing a series of questions.

Charlotte Coombes, group account director at Iris, said: “54 percent of fathers feel they are not devoting enough quality time to their children, whilst 42 percent are unable to spend enough time with them. We’ve loved working closely with Jack Daniel’s on such a meaningful and special project.”

The Kemps have made a professional (and one assumes, personal) success out of their relationship for a while now, not least on Gogglebox, and their responses to Jack Daniel’s questions hit just the right note.

MAA creative scale: 8

One Comment

  1. So many great things you could do with this brand for fathers day and they’ve gone for this? Actively puts me off Jack Daniels which is quite an achievement!

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