Jennifer Lopez lets AI do the talking in personalised Virgin Voyages campaign

Just when everybody has got way too serious about AI, VMLY&R is here to some fun with it.

For Virgin Voyages, the agency worked with Jennifer Lopez to build a “Jen-erative” AI version of the superstar, who can be programmed to issue personal cruise invites for customers to send out to friends and family.

The real Jennifer Lopez spent a day on board a Virgin cruise ship while a team captured her image and voice, building enough detail to generate realistic versions of her on demand.

Customers can’t get too mischievous with this. They must go through the official Virgin Voyages site in order to create a “JenAI” invite, answering questions about their proposed trip and chosen companions.

So J Lo should be safe for now, but it’s all very reminiscent of the first episode of the new Black Mirror series, in which Salma Hayek watches helplessly as an AI version of herself defecates in a church while it is being streamed for all the world to see.

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