Forget balls, ‘it takes boobs’ to be bold at Stella Insurance

Stella Insurance, an Australian brand aimed at women, is bang on target with a new campaign by independent agency Cocogun.

The ad questions the language around “balls” as a term for displaying courage, showing a series of women who are getting on very nicely without them, thanks.

Stella’s products give women a fair crack at a claim by addressing gender biases in the insurance industry.

Stella founder Sam White said: “Having worked in insurance for many years I realised it was so male dominated that the product design, experience, and marketing were all unconsciously built for men, and I was excited to change that. This new campaign is a bold new expression of that perspective.”

Cocogun co-founder and managing director, Chiquita King, said: “This campaign is about making the language we use around bravery more inclusive. Inclusiveness in any guise is a good thing. It has nothing to do with physiology and everything to do with a philosophy that is emblazoned with passion, authenticity and integrity.”

Only in Australia could you get away with something as brazen and binary as this.

MAA creative scale: 7

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