A holiday is hard work without data roaming in VCCP’s new campaign for O2

Without mobile data, a holiday abroad can be a challenge. We are all hopelessly reliant on our phones for directions, menu translation, and searching out the best places to go.

VCCP’s new ad recreates a few awkward holiday scenarios and then reminds us, with help from robot Bubl, that O2 is the only network not to charge extra for data roaming in Europe.

Simon Groves, director of brand and marketing at Virgin Media O2, said: “The campaign brings to life Bubl’s playful yet helpful approach to showing our customers how they can keep connected and use their phone as they would at home, avoiding any last minute struggles to download music, find their hotel or translate a questionable menu choice.”

There’s a partnership with Love Island which also targets non-O2 customers with clips from the show and lines like “Roaming charges giving you the ick.” Media is by Manning Gottlieb OMD.

Bubl the robot started as a random add-on to O2’s campaigns, but has recently grown into a genuine brand mascot with a personality.

MAA creative scale: 7

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