New Commercial Arts debuts for Nationwide with some rare good news for banking customers

Son paid us a surprise visit this morning and, aside from raiding the fridge, told us smugly that his bank/building society Nationwide had just given him £100.

As a building society Nationwide is a mutual and, as a bank. is raking it in as the Bank of England hikes interest rates and therefore up its margins.

Other banks just seem to increase the CEO’s bonus and close more branches (Nationwide says it’s not doing that either although it has closed some.) Nationwide is calling it ‘The fairer share.’

New Commercial Arts is Nationwide’s newly-appointed creative agency and, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, has taken rapdly to the streets (and Sunday’s newspapers) to tell us the good news. Media agency is Wavemaker.

CMO Catherine Kehoe says: “Nationwide’s purpose is to offer banking, but fairer, more rewarding, and for the good of society. That’s why we have introduced the Nationwide Fairer Share, which will see us return even more value back to members.”

New Commercial Arts’ James Murphy says: “We are excited that our first work with Nationwide is around such a game-changing move in the banking sector.”

Should have new customers forming a queue.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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