Argos goes for more premium look in new campaign by T&P

Argos wants to change its image as a bargain basement retailer, and has briefed The&Partnership to get a new message across – that it sells a wide range of “premium tech, stylish homeware and essential household items.”

The agency’s understated answer is to animate a couple of toys, Connie the doll and Trevor the dinosaur, and use them to showcase a speaker and a cushion.

Rob Quartermain, head of marketing campaigns, Argos said: “We can’t wait for the nation to fall in love with Connie and Trevor as they bring the assortment of products we offer to life, using premium brands as well as our iconic Habitat range.”

Toby Allen, ECD, The&Partnership said: “One of the nation’s best loved retailers sells the grown-up stuff too. Who better to deliver that message than the toys themselves? A savvy doll and a lovable dinosaur are the new faces of Argos, showing a new side to what it sells.”

The ad is well scripted and nicely performed by People Just Do Nothing’s Ruth Bratt and This Country’s Charlie Cooper, but Argos has a way to go before its digital, press, emails and customer service add up to a premium brand.

MAA creative scale: 5


  1. Its rubbish. Cannot understand what its all about or what she says!

  2. Absolutely love the new campaign!
    Connie is so lifelike.
    Great theme!
    I strongly believe that this platform you have produced will enjoy similar success and endurance that Alexandr and Sergei the meerkats have …..
    Great work!

  3. I can understand what Dell means by calling it creepy – there’s definitely something strange and mesmerising about it. Having said that, I really like it and can’t help re-watching it. It’s short, original and I love the voices of Connie and Trevor. Not what you’d expect toys to sound like but I think it works in a quirky sort of way and it works well I think.

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