Wendy Clark in surprise move to financial services adviser Consello Group

After CEO roles at Dentsu International and DDB Worldwide, Wendy Clark has turned up as a partner at Consello, a New York-based investment company and financial adviser focused on driving business growth for clients.

It’s an unexpected move but, knowing Clark, a smart one. Consello looks like an interesting company. Other partners include retired NFL quarterback Tom Brady and Weight Watchers founder Mindy Grossman, while the newly-appointed president is Oscar Salazar, who was founding chief technology officer at Uber.

Consello only launched last year and has been on a recent hiring spree, as well as opening more offices in London and Miami. There are four divisions: growth and business development, digital assets advisory (NFTs, cryptocurrency, blockchain), M&A advisory, and private equity investing.

Clark says that her two CEO roles have given her “some unique insight and perspective that I look forward to leveraging on behalf of Consello and its clients.”

She said: “I am thrilled to begin this next chapter in my career journey. Consello is a company that is really on the move. All of the amazing leaders who have joined the company have done so for a reason—this is a differentiated platform that can do things no other company in the world can do in the same way.”

Clark, who led marketing at Coca-Cola and AT&T before she moved into advertising, has been one of the most respected figures in the industry for many years.

She left Dentsu International late last year due to a restructure, and the network has since lost two other major players, both hired by her: global chief strategy officer Alex Hesz and global chief creative officer Fred Lavron.

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