SNCF passengers go ‘wild’ and let the train take the strain

Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” is the global anthem of the open road, but in this spot for SNCF by Rosa Paris, it provides the soundtrack to a group of train travellers who revel in the freedom to live their best lives, while a pair of grumpy bikers gets stuck in traffic.

It’s the first campaign for the SNCF Voyageur group, which brings together various parts of the French rail network and runs 15,000 trains serving 2,500 destinations every day.

Olivier Reinsbach, director of communications for SNCF Voyageurs, said: “We wanted to use this first campaign to affirm our conviction that trains are the new freedom, an excellent solution for meeting people’s needs for mobility while protecting the planet.”

Delphine Drutel, vice president of Rosa Paris, said: “Using an iconic song associated with road trips, was, for us, the best way to illustrate this transition from yesterday’s freedom to today, to show the joy, the encounters, and the values of sharing and discovery that we associate with travel.”

Ad Net Zero this week launched a bid to get delegates to travel to Cannes by train this year: the carbon impact is 30 times less than a flight, and it’s only nine hours from St Pancras to the centre of Cannes.

Rosa Paris’ ad might well help their cause.

MAA creative scale: 7

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