Sick of plastic? Washing machine vomits all over Mother’s campaign for Smol

Eco products traditionally go for more earnest creative work, but now that pompous purpose is no longer de rigueur, Mother has taken another direction entirely.

For independent laundry brand Smol, the agency has created a washing machine that spews out a lifetime’s worth of plastic laundry waste across the kitchen floor.

Hillary Strong, CMO of Smol said: “People are well aware of the need to reduce their plastic waste, but few dwell on laundry, a huge generator of single-use plastic waste. This campaign aims to introduce Smol to an audience fatigued by anti-plastic messaging, with a humorous, attention-grabbing concept.”

Oli Rimoldi, a creative at Mother, said: “Deploying a playful metaphor attempts to sidestep the inertia in this market. We hope to make people smile while drawing their attention to the plastic problem.”

It certainly grabs the attention, and may well convince a few people to change their detergent.

MAA creative scale: 7



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