McCanns highlight the ‘gender pain gap’ for Nurofen

More than half of women feel their pain is ignored or dismissed due to their gender, and Reckitt’s Nurofen is on a mission to set this right.

This second phase of McCann’s “see my pain” campaign features women talking about their experiences with pain brought on by conditions including endometriosis, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis. Each story comes with an imitation medicine product called things like “It’s all in your head” and “Maybe you’re stressed.”

Nuria Antoja, marketing director at Nurofen, said: “The second phase shines a light on the problems women face when seeking treatment. Along with supporting these women through our awareness campaign, we have made a number of short- and long-term commitments in research and training for pharmacists and pharmacy teams.”

Ruth Boulter, creative director at McCann London, said: Behind this campaign are thousands of conversations with the 1 in 6 women who experience severe pain every single day. This campaign serves as a platform for their lived experiences, acknowledgement for the times their pain has been dismissed, and validation that they deserve help and support.”

Where AMV and Libresse conceptualised women’s pain with the much-lauded “Womb stories” campaign, McCann takes a more direct approach, including some hard facts: women are 50% more likely to be misdiagnosed when they have a heart attack.

MAA creative scale: 6


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